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Suprtool The following quotes come from letters, faxes, e-mails, etc. sent to us by Suprtool users. Thanks to all for taking the time to communicate your feedback. If you are a Suprtool user and would like to add your own comments, please visit our feedback form. While we look forward to learning what you like about our products, we also welcome any suggestions or criticisms.
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"I am not familiar with all, or even most utilities for the HP, but I am loath to work on an HP3000 that doesn't have Suprtool. The hours, if not weeks and months, Suprtool has saved me over the years makes it a real bargain in my book. I have found Suprtool beneficial for quick reports, file repairs, data manipulation, etc. I only wish I could instantly communicate to the uniniated everything you can do with it. If everyone knew what it could do for them they'd all but demand that it be on all their machines."

Dave Kalb
Total Bank Technology Solution, Inc.

"Recently I took a Quiz reporting task that was done completely in Quiz and rewrote it to incorporate Suprtool as a front-end. The job was previously taking 2-3 hours and now, with Suprtool, it runs in six minutes!"

James M. Dunn
Manager of Software Support
Hammacher Schlemmer

"I could not live without Suprtool. I absolutely love it. I use Suprtool mainly for database extractions since it is very quick. Some of our programs have embedded Suprtool calls for automated data extraction. I also use Suprtool to locate data on the fly - for example, when users request data that they cannot get using their regular reports/screens. In these instances, rather than using COBOL, I have created little Suprtool scripts which will search out data in any field in the database tables and produce a report or an output file. This makes the user very happy and also makes me a hero for just a moment! I also use Suprtool for debugging which comes in very handy. Other programmers here use Suprtool to produce reports along with various other Suprtool techniques. It is such a flexible tool, we all use it in different ways."

Michael J Adrian
Systems Programming and Operations Supervisor
Mt. Diablo Unified School District

"Suprtool is one of the most vital products we use. We are using Suprtool to verify conversion data in a 12 gigabyte dataset. We would not be able to go live without Suprtool - it's a lifesaver."

David Jennings
Current Inc.

"We had a monthly work order job that was taking 2 hours and 18 minutes to run using Query. The original job didn't include component costs so users would have to manually look up the part costs to compute the cost of each order. We replaced Query with Suprtool and the total time to execute the job was reduced to 8 minutes - a 17-times performance improvement! Plus it was easy to link in the component costs so that the final report included the cost per order. To top it all of, Suprtool creates an ascii output file that can be imported directly into an Excel spreadsheet by the user."

Robert Green
Long Reach, Inc.

"We really like Robelle software products. Suprtool, for example, reduced our run times when we used it as a front-end to Quiz. Jobs which previously took over five hours now take less than one hour. We can't imagine trying to live without Suprtool."

Tony Hobbs
Raytheon E-Systems

"It is really a great help to have Suprtool on all the machines I interface with again! I have also been able to convert most of the staff to using Suprtool as a tool of first choice over Query or a custom program. Getting Paul Edwards here to train them was a great method to accomplish that. I am afraid I will have to change jobs again to generate a lot more sales for Robelle. I dread the thought of going into another established site that doesn't have Qedit and Suprtool."

Alan Wyman, Programming Manager
Alliant Foodservice

"We use Suprtool to migrate data from the HP3000 IMAGE databases to ASCII text files which are then imported into Oracle, Excel, or Access databases on the UNIX and NT server platforms. Using Suprtool to do the data extraction for this conversion is fast and flexible without taking a lot of the HP3000 resources. The performance is great! Suprtool is truly a wonderful and efficient tool that saves a lot of time in all ways. Also, Robelle Tech Support is very helpful."

Stella Leong, Programmer/Analyst
California Teachers Association

"Suprtool is absolutely invaluable. We've used it for hundreds of years (possibly an exaggeration) and couldn't get along without it. With Suprtool, and other such tools such as MPEX, DataExpress, and MPE itself, it is very easy to do programming without doing, well, programming. Reader's Digest Version: Buy it."

Bob Brown
The Wyatt Company

"At many shops, I have used Suprtool to do very fast extracts. The Suprtool extracts are about as fast as possible, and often much faster (3 to 10 times!) than other solutions.

I have also used Suprtool to produce extract files for downloading to Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, etc. Users then find the latest data in a shared LAN directory when they come in each day, or run on-demand queries as required. Then they can sort, select, total or whatever on their own PC. Often a single extract will fill several different user requirements as they can just ignore data they don't need."

Chris Goodey
System Manager

"I rewrote a BRW cost analysis report into Quiz with a Suprtool extract, for an 1800 percent performance increase. The BRW report ran overnight taking about six hours, and if it didn't finish by 7 AM, it wouldn't finish. The Quiz/Suprtool report finished in 20 minutes when ran overnight, 30 minutes during the day."

Tim Ericson
Senior Systems Analyst
DenKor Dental Management Corp.

"I'm a Suprtool and Suprlink user and I love it! I use it in my development and investigation all the time. Against IMAGE, the speed is unbelievable."

Scott Jorgenson
HP Response Center Lab
Mountain View, CA

"I love Suprtool. I just started using it and because we are a Cobol shop, Suprtool saves me millions of hours....I LOVE IT."

John Long
Ceridian Tax Services, Inc.

"We use Suprtool all the time. It has helped us keep our upgrade costs down to a minimum. It also allows us to give the users the freedom to run a bunch of reports during the day that they were forced to run overnight before. I remember one Quiz report that took two hours to run before we added a Suprtool front-end. It went down to about five minutes after adding Suprtool. Just about all of my data extracts are now done using Suprtool and then I just use these files as inputs to all my programs."

Todd Talsma
Sligh Furniture

"For fast serial access to IMAGE data, buy Suprtool from Robelle. They've already done the work, and for you to duplicate it will cost you much more than the $4000."

Mark Landin (on the 3000-l mailing list)
T.D. Williamson, Inc.

"I won't play on an HP system that doesn't have Suprtool, Adager, and MPEX. It's too much work without them."

Mikel Avery
Sea Owl Systems Group

"Anyone running a Quiz process that takes over an hour should be front ending Suprtool. The Quiz subfile makes so much difference. Robelle's tech support alone is worth every penny."

Catherine Litton
Monk Office Supply

"To justify Suprtool to my manager, I rewrote one of our DataNow reports with Suprtool. Suprtool reduced the run time on the report from 140 minutes to 18 minutes"

Jackie Fritts
Physician Reliance Network, Inc.

"We were recently asked by our Controller: 'What is the best piece of software you use?'. Undeniably it was Robelle's Suprtool and Qedit!

Anthony Ballo
Sr. Business Systems Analyst
Musician's Friend

"The product seems to be great for our purposes. We use mainly Cognos products in our computing environment. We also have Oracle and tools. We are testing Suprtool to extract data from our large call information base. It contains more than 50,000,000 records per set. The results are so convincing that we order one copy right away. So this is an order."

From a Robelle customer in Sweden,
message forwarded by the distributor

"Let me take this moment to say that I have nothing but good things to say about Suprtool, from the capabilities of the product, to the Help system, to the technical support behind it. Just plain good software."

Scott Mohr

"I am reluctant to work on a system that doesn't have Qedit and Suprtool. Without a doubt, they are both mandatory tools for HP 3000 programmers."

Tom Lang

"I've always liked Robelle software and I am totally addicted to both Suprtool and Qedit."

Tom Genute

"You're a Supr-fool, if you don't use Suprtool!"

John Truschinger
Santa Fe International Corp.

"I've been an IBM programmer for the past seven years and now find myself in the HP 3000 world. I am totally impressed with the tools you've created. My favorite so far is Suprtool. It is comparable to many of the IBM data manipulation tools I've used as far as power and ease of use goes. My sincerest compliments."

Michael Vealey
University of Maryland

"Robelle products (Qedit and Suprtool) are wonderful - making my job much easier."

Pat Dennis
American Spring Wire

"Suprtool is fabulous - you just can't beat it!"

Dennis P. Butler
Amphenol Canada Corp.

"What makes Robelle stand above the rest is that they are willing to help with a technical problem even when it is not related to their software. As a result, we sure like dealing with their technical support."

Addison Lawrence
Mobil Oil

"Thanks for the follow up ... As always, I am extremely happy with Suprtool and Qedit on our systems and the support which Robelle provides. Believe me, around here if there is any problems, you would have already heard about it! :):):)"

Michael Coombs
System Manager, Egghead.com

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